Project Management

On our first visit our engineer will carry out a condition survey of all assets, testing them and providing them with an operational & condition rating of between 1 & 6.

A rating of 1 would indicate the asset is in excellent operating condition. A rating of 6 would indicate the asset should be budgeted for replacement and we will provide prices and a schedule for this.

Next our engineer would make a record of all the key components of the asset, including serial & product numbers and the manufacturer. We will also list suggested consumable items such as filters and belts that should be carried as on site spares or included in further service visits.

  • Asset number & record each item of equipment
  • Determine & record condition status of each item of equipment
  • Complete for “F Gas” regulations type and weight of refrigerant. AC

Our online database, simPRO, has a fully functional Customer Portal. This will enable you to view all outstanding jobs, quotations, job history including asset test history and your financial account.

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