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Providing a fair, inclusive and respectful working environment is a major corporate responsibility for DBS. We know that our people are our strength and we ensure that they can work in safe, healthy and non-discriminatory surroundings. 

We work safely, or not at all. 

We never walk by if we notice unsafe actions.

We support health and wellbeing

FIR - Fairness, Inclusion, Respect

We work with our clients and suppliers to develop a culture of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect.  This includes combating discrimination and promoting equality and diversity.  

By embracing FIR we can attract, recruit, train and retain employees with the skills and personal ethos that we need to deliver our projects.

Apprentice & Trainee Scheme

DBS maintain an apprentice and trainee scheme.  Offering apprenticeships and taking on trainees gives us an opportunity to play an active role in moulding our future workforce and contributing to our community.  

Health & Safety and Wellbeing

DBS ensure that their staff are provided with a safe and healthy work environment. Our employees are educated on safety procedures and safe working practices in all aspects of their activities. Exposure to potentially physical safety hazards is limited by implementing guards, barriers and controls, in addition to appropriate safety clothing.

Occupational injuries and illnesses are reported and tracked as we we work towards an injury-free environment.

Prioritising Quality

Underpinning all our work is a quest for quality in all aspects of our business and this extends to our employees too. Poor quality work can be linked to potential injuries to our staff and members of the public and lead to a disruption of services.

By prioritising quality we can achieve more satisfied customers, repeat business, improved profitability and an injury-free environment.


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Sustainable Human Resources Policies

Here you can find our policies relating to health and safety, modern slavery, drugs and alcohol and our Codes of Conduct.

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