Investing in our future

DBS Group are proud to have a total of 10 apprentices and improvers working with us!

With several of our management team having been time served apprentices, we truly recognise the importance and the vital role that they play in our business.

Apprentices across the DBS Group

DBS Group have long history of apprentices, having brought many young people into the industry over the years. Employing from the local area we aim to bring in fresh new talent and turn them into skilled engineers to further complement our teams. 

We have found this to be an extremely effective way to better serve our clients and the wider industry. We as a company continue to take on an apprentice or improver for each discipline every year.

DBS Service

On the AC team we currently have a 3rd apprentice, 2nd year improver and 1st year apprentice. 

On our Commercial Heating team we have a 3rd year improver and 1st year improver.

DBS Electrical

Within our electrical division, we currently have 3 apprentices attending level 3, 1 apprentice attending level 2 and 1 improver.

We work with various training partners in order to give our apprentices the best opportunity to gain industry standard qualifications whilst gaining experience and knowledge working alongside our highly skilled engineering team.

We’re also proud to employ several engineers that have successfully completed our apprentice /improver scheme and have gone on to become extremely valuable members of the DBS family, and continue to enjoy careers with DBS to this day.

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