Project: Bethwall Climbing Centre – AC Install

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Following a successful project at EustonWall climbing centre, Ian Collins the London Regional RMI Manager for the London Climbing centre contacted DBS M&E for a brand new design and installation at their site in Bethnal Green, BethWall. The site is made up of five railway arches all with different climbing wall layouts for different abilities. The main design criteria were based on size, duty and delivery of conditioned air, without impacting the climbers and obstacles. Due to the size and curvature of the arches, we had a very small area in each to hang high capacity ducted units. Each unit was sized and positioned in an optimum position to keep away from the climbing fall zones which was a strict 2.5m from any wall while still delivering the required duty to each area.

In addition to the air conditioning install, DBS M&E employed the expertise of Airflow Design Services to design and install supply air plenums and grilles to best distribute the air, whilst being conscious of the restrictions. In addition to the supply air distribution, due to the very high use of chalk by climbers, additional filter enclosures and panel filters had to be considered to best protect the units and guarantee their longevity.

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